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Project Description
DiskSpaceReporter is a small VB.NET application that sits in your system tray and, at the specified interval, checks the disk space of all the specified computer's drives on your network, and if any are found to fall below the specified alert size, the program notifies you.

Future Releases

* The ability to position the alert window in any corner of the screen or in the middle (currently bottom-right).
* The ability to choose the color of the alert window (currently only Blue).

UPDATE - 10/08/09

Corrected a small problem with the Add Computer dialog box not clearing out the previous entry. Since it was in the source code but commented out, I left the version number as is.


I know this program isn't much, but I am hoping that it will help some people. If you would like to help support DiskSpaceReporter and accelerate development of it.

Thank you for your support!
{Current Version: 1.0} {Beta Version: 1.0}

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